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Benefit Year About to Expire

Many people started their claims around February or March 2020 which means they are set to expired within the next few months. In the US Department Labor of Guidance there was some verbiage about if you were to file a new claim and the new claim caused you to have a Weekly Benefit Amount that was at least $25 LESS than what you were receiving previously -- California could choose to KEEP you on the one that gave you MORE. This program is listed as the Deferred New Claim Program (DNCP)

Federal Provisions on the EDD website has updated and reflects this. This is what it says:

[On PEUC] After Your Benefit Year

If your benefit year has expired, you must file another unemployment claim. We will send you a notice telling you to file a new claim if you are still unemployed. UI Online is still the fastest way to apply. If you have enough wages to qualify for regular unemployment, we will process your claim.

  • If you are currently collecting PEUC benefits and filed a new regular UI claim, we might continue paying benefits on your PEUC extension, instead of your regular UI claim if the weekly benefit amount on your PEUC extension is at least $25 more than the weekly benefit amount on your new regular UI claim. This is allowed under the new Deferred New Claim Payment (DNCP) program. The regular UI claim you recently qualified for will be on hold until you collect all available PEUC benefits, or until the PEUC extension ends on March 13, 2021, whichever comes first.

  • Once you have collected all available benefits on your PEUC extension, and if you are still unemployed and eligible, we will automatically start paying benefits on your new regular UI claim. There is no need to contact us.

If you don't qualify for a new claim after the benefit year expires, two things will happen.

  • First, you will receive a $0 award notice in the mail saying there are not enough wages for a new claim.

  • A few days later, you will receive another notice showing that we automatically filed a PEUC extension on your original expired unemployment claim. You will also receive a text message about the filed extension. If you are already collecting PEUC benefits and filed a UI claim after that which you don’t qualify for, we will continue paying you under the PEUC extension.

Continue to monitor your UI Online account for updates and to certify for benefit payments.