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Benefit Year About to Expire

Many people started their claims around February or March 2020 which means they are set to expired within the next few months. In the US Department Labor of Guidance there was some verbiage about if you were to file a new claim and the new claim caused you to have a Weekly Benefit Amount that was at least $25 LESS than what you were receiving previously -- California could choose to KEEP you on the one that gave you MORE. This program is listed as the Deferred New Claim Program (DNCP)

Federal Provisions on the EDD website has updated and reflects this. This is what it says:


[On PEUC] After Your Benefit Year

If your benefit year has expired, you must file another unemployment claim. We will send you a notice telling you to file a new claim if you are still unemployed. UI Online is still the fastest way to apply. If you have enough wages to qualify for regular unemployment, we will process your claim.

  • If you are currently collecting PEUC benefits and filed a new regular UI claim, we might continue paying benefits on your PEUC extension, instead of your regular UI claim if the weekly benefit amount on your PEUC extension is at least $25 more than the weekly benefit amount on your new regular UI claim. This is allowed under the new Deferred New Claim Payment (DNCP) program. The regular UI claim you recently qualified for will be on hold until you collect all available PEUC benefits, or until the PEUC extension ends on March 13, 2021, whichever comes first.

  • Once you have collected all available benefits on your PEUC extension, and if you are still unemployed and eligible, we will automatically start paying benefits on your new regular UI claim. There is no need to contact us.

If you don't qualify for a new claim after the benefit year expires, two things will happen.

  • First, you will receive a $0 award notice in the mail saying there are not enough wages for a new claim.

  • A few days later, you will receive another notice showing that we automatically filed a PEUC extension on your original expired unemployment claim. You will also receive a text message about the filed extension. If you are already collecting PEUC benefits and filed a UI claim after that which you don’t qualify for, we will continue paying you under the PEUC extension.

Continue to monitor your UI Online account for updates and to certify for benefit payments.


The only problem with this summary is that they say we "MIGHT" continue you on your PEUC claim... so it's not a guarantee.

In Case You Missed It

  • PUA & PEUC Phase 2 are those who had a $0.00 balance on December 26, 2020. EDD states they will finish programming the extensions by March 7, 2021 and to expect a notice in your online account, text or by mail.

  • Sudden change in balance: If your claim had a sudden change in balance it could be that you were on PUA and they had to by law switch you back to PEUC since you have weeks available (due to the 11 week extension). This can either cause a drop in your Weekly Benefit Amount or an increase depending on what you had on PEUC before. There is no way to stay on PUA if you qualify for a regular claim -- it's what the law says.

  • Status "Pending" -- EDD is returning to phone interviews to see if you were eligible for those weeks. Continue certifying for your benefits. If it doesn't clear up after three weeks then I might recommend calling

  • First few weeks in January missing: if you reopened your claim in the beginning of the year that's probably why. An EDD news release said that those people who reopened without official notice from EDD will be able to certify for those January weeks LATER. This does not mean you're missing out -- it only means your benefits are delayed. When will they allow you to certify for those weeks? They have not mentioned it, but you can either choose to wait a few weeks for them to finish implementing the extensions or call. After March 7 may be a good time.

Taxes & 1099G

The most recent EDD newsletter released February 16, 2021 basically contained information on taxes. Many of the common questions are listed below:

When will I get my 1099G?

  • Forms will be mailed to those who did not opt for electric form

I have not gotten the 1099G form, where can I request a copy?

  • ONLINE: Log in online, select FORM 1099G, click VIEW, click PRINT. Select REQUEST DUPLICATE to request an official paper copy

  • PHONE: Call 1-866-333-4606 and follow the instructions. This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What is consider taxable income?

Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, including:

  • Federal Extensions (FED-ED)

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) -- additional $600 from April - July (referencing 2020 only)

  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)

  • Lost Wages Assistance (LWA)

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

  • Disability Insurance benefits received as a substitute for UI benefits.

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

  • Disability Insurance (DI) benefits received as a substitute for UI benefits

  • Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) benefits

  • Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits

I had an overpayment, is that considered on my taxes?

  • Only cash repayments are reported on the Form 1099G. Benefits that have been withdrawn electronically are not cash repayments.

  • Repaid benefits by cash should be in the Benefits Repaid box of Table A or Table B

The amount on my Form 1099G is incorrect, what do I do?

  • Double check the amount is correct by reviewing your Payment History online

  • Call 1-866-401-2849 - open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm PST

I received a 1099G and was not supposed to, what should I do?

  • If you believe it was fraudulent, report it here

  • More information about fraud here

  • Unemployment Fraud guide here

I received a 1099G from EDD, but it's someone else's name on the mail, what do I do?

Write "Return to Sender" on the envelope and send it to:

EDD PO Box 826880

Mic 43, Sacramento, CA 94280-0225

The 1099G is wrong, what do I do?

  • Double check the amount on your 1099G by checking your payment history on your online account.

  • If you disagree with the amounts shown, call the 1099G customer service line at 1-866-401-2849, available Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm PST

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