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Unemployment Gurus is the way to go!

"I could write a novel about all my ups and downs dealing with EDD, but Erica was a LIFESAVER and I never would’ve gotten my unemployment if not for her. She helped me get everything I was owed after 14 months of waiting. She was patient and kind and stuck it out with me to get it done. I can’t thank her enough. If you are struggling, Unemployment Gurus is the way to go!"


Ashley T.

I could not have done it without your help

"Erica has been nothing short of miracle for many of us trying to navigate through this. She has given not only countless hours of her time but her knowledge and patience of an overwhelming process. The words “THANK YOU” do not seem like enough!!! I am so grateful and appreciative for your help after being stuck for months I could not have done it without your help!!"


Jen A.

"Jade rocks! I recently got these people involved. So glad bcuz we are making headway! She is on it! I have faith i will get my payments started back soon!!!"



"Your amazing and well documented research is a brilliant reassurance during these trying times. You should be working for the government, because this is a well oiled machine you created."



"Amazing resource through this difficult time. Thank you for keeping us up to date with the rapidly changing news and creating a place where we can all help each other through our experiences."


Christopher J.

"Erica has helped me with multiple issues over the past several months in regards to my unemployment . Extremely knowledgeable  and understandingwhile remaining professional."



A much needed resource

"Absolutely prompt, helpful, informative, responsive and a much needed resource for those of us trying (unsuccessfully) to navigate a BROKEN and dysfunctional CA EDD system. Thank you to Erica and everyone else helping us!!!"


Pam W.

"Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of wisdom. Extra Thanks sent via Paypal."


"You are in the right place if you need help, Erica Chan is super helpful and knowledgeable!"


"Erica has been so amazing with helping me! I won my appeal with her guidance and help! Thanks for all you do."


"I am so grateful for the helpful insight Erica has provided me. She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help."


Prompt, kind, and amazingly helpful

"Erica was basically a guiding light for me right at the beginning of the pandemic, when everything else fell apart! The system could be so overwhelming and one question that I asked through the EDD website didn't get answered for four months. But Erica was prompt, kind, and amazingly helpful -- I can't believe how deep her knowledge of this world goes. She's helped SO MANY PEOPLE and I'm so thankful she's here when we need it most!"



"Erica is an amazing individual!  Her knowledge & resourcefulness was a huge help to my situation.  At least now I have a better sense of what may or may not happen as a result of a complex situation. I highly recommend her - thanks Erica!"



"Their Facebook group was my shining light after months of no answers from unemployment offices and an inability to get through the phones. The helpful community Erica created was so incredible and kept me sane this year."



I couldn't have figured it out

"I think if it wasn't for this website and the calculation that has been provided I couldn't have figured it out and I have been an HR professional for over 30 years."



"Erica is absolutely amazing! She is quick to answering all questions about UI. I’m so thankful for her because we all know it’s been difficult to get a hold of a UI rep through the phone. Thanks For your hard work!!"


"Thank god for Erica!!! I was at my wits end and couldn’t get a straight answer from EDD.
This group saved so many of us from having several breakdowns! Haha."

Sara I.

"You’ve came to the right place! Erica is good at what she does and she’s here to help others.


She’s also very approachable and reliable."



Kind, generous, knowledgeable

"I gotta say that the people behind this website are the good people. They started a Facebook group when COVID started and they just provided so much content and assistance.  They are kind, generous, knowledgeable."



"Erica helped me back in July when I was having some very difficult issues with my benefits. My account was under super scrutiny verifying my ID and I was owed weeks of back pay. In two sessions after Erica calling on my behalf I had the attention of the EDD and started getting forms to verify!! I am usually a do it your self person (tile. carpentry, you name it!)  I am so glad I asked Erica to help me!"



"I randomly came across this group on Facebook on unemployment. And Erica Chan had posted something in regards to a question I wanted to ask but couldn't get a straight answer. Until I just asked her myself. And she answered all my questions and has given me peace of mind.


Thank you Erica your the bees knees."


Salvador O.


"This lady is phenomenal going to draft a letter to my local paper and it probably will never make it but I’ve got a loud mouth and usually listen she deserves recognition the battle I had to fight should have never been fought but I’m grateful to her I get irritated cuz almost over a half of years money those the back paying bills and people that’s help me but it’s okay I’m back getting to help those in need now as well as these little fur babies that’s where my heart is at! I love you Miss Jade I’ve never met you but you are one of the most phenomenal intelligent not to mention patient if you can put up with me people ever ever dealt with may God for ever bless you and all that you do you and your loved ones! Thank you again"



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