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Need help getting unemployment benefits?



Pay the $25 fee to book your consultation. An Unemployment Guru will contact you to discuss your situation and identify the problem. If you are missing 5+ months of benefits, you could qualify for our one-on-one service.


If eligible, we will sign an agreement and create a road map of how to retrieve your benefits and help: 

  • Explain confusing aspects

  • Call on your behalf

  • Help with disqualifications

  • Fax appeals

  • Mail appeals (certified)

  • Attend hearings as your representative

  • Check on online account status

  • Keep you up to date



This website is not affiliated with the EDD. We are a third-party assistance provider. The information is confidential and only for informational purposes. Nothing contained herein is intended to form or solicit an attorney-client relationship. Any information by Unemployment Gurus should not constitute as legal, business, financial, tax, or professional advice. If you are seeking legal, accounting, or tax advice we recommend consulting with a lawyer, an accountant, or a tax professional. We are not affiliated with any local, state, or federal government institution, lending institution, collection agency, or law firm. Nothing contained herein is intended or designed to promise, guarantee, increase, or expedite any person's situation. This is not a promise for assistance or eligibility. Services are not available in all jurisdictions. Not every consumer who submits a form will be granted assistance. By submitting this form you agree to our Unemployment Gurus website terms and conditions.

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