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Hotline Consultant

Job Description

Unemployment Consultant’s that has had experience with the confusing process of obtaining unemployment benefits. Consultants guide and assist clients in disputing obstacles for the sole purpose of getting client’s their benefits owed.


Job Duties & Requirements:

  • Professional correspondence with prospective and current clients.

  • Knowledge and ability to navigate current unemployment programs.

  • Ability to work remotely, with PC/Mac.

  • Personal experience with California Unemployment challenges (highly preferred).

  • Access to the internet (required)


1099/Independent Contractor, production-based wages.


Company Info:

Unemployment Gurus’ mission is to assist and help those navigate through the confusing process of unemployment. The journey began through a Facebook group called Unofficial California Unemployment Help, which grew substantially in a short period of time and currently holds approximately 67,000+ members. The Facebook group was limited by only being able to give advice and guidance with hopes that people will find their way.

As time progressed, there was increasing demand for direct assistance and Unemployment Gurus was created. The CEO assembled a team to tackle unemployment challenges directly to help the many people in need. Unemployment Gurus is expanding and looking for personable, empathetic, sharp individuals who can help clear unemployment issues for claimants who have been owed many benefits that are rightly owed to them.

Learn more on our about us page

How to apply?

Please e-mail your resume and simple one paragraph biography. 

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