Unemployment gurus


Do you only service California?

Most of our consultants service those in California. We are expanding to Nevada and hope to expand to other states to help more people get the benefits that are rightly owed to them.

How much do you charge?

If you have a simple question that we can answer such as, how much will EDD take from my benefits if I work? Or does it disqualify me to quit? All those can be simply answered for free by asking in our forum, which we check periodically. We also have a considerable size of articles answering many common questions here

If your situation involves us to be more in depth, such as helping you clear the disqualification, calling EDD for you, managing your claim, or assisting with the appeals process, we will charge a small percentage of what you are owed in benefits. We will NOT charge you anything up front. We absolutely understand our clientele are people who could be experiencing hardship and are still waiting for benefits. 

I have been missing less than 6 months of benefits, do I qualify for Unemployment Guru services?

Due to the volume of requests, we are prioritizing those who have been missing 6+ months of benefits and are experiencing hardship. We do take into consideration those that have been missing 4-6 months of benefits. Anyone missing only a few weeks will not qualify for our services. If you are missing many months of benefits, fill out our request form here and see if you are eligible for our complimentary phone consultation. 

I desperately want to speak to someone about my unemployment. Can I skip checking if I qualify for the services and pay to talk to an Unemployment Guru about my problem?

Since this has been a requested a few times, we have opened up limited times available for a one-on-one paid consultation.

How long will it take for me to see my benefits?

This situation depends on what you're facing. If you are appealing, it takes about 2-3 weeks after the appeal to get a response from EDD. After that, if they decide on a hearing we would have to attend that hearing before a judge and then wait another week or so for your claim to process if approved.

How does the whole process work?

  • Fill out our request form

  • If you are missing many months of benefits, one of our Unemployment Gurus will reach out to you

  • If eligible for unemployment benefits, we'll determine what the next steps are

  • If you would like for the Unemployment Guru to assist you further you out, we will sign an agreement

  • The Unemployment Guru will tell you what the next steps are and implement the plan. They will keep up with you and help check on your account to make sure everything is correct. If they have to call EDD for you, they will and walk alongside you to ensure you get your claim fixed. 

I've been unemployed since March. I've given up because I just don't think I can see the other side. Do you really think I can still qualify for all the way back?

There are many people in your situation and yes, you could qualify. EDD allows for the backdating claims. If you were in fact effected by COVID-19 and were unemployed due to the pandemic, more than likely you qualify and that money is yours. Don't give up! We are here to help you get to the other side of it. 

There is so much deceit, how can I trust the Unemployment Gurus?

It's simple - check our history. This whole journey started with a Facebook group called Unofficial California Unemployment Help. There is a reason why there are close to 70,000 members as a part of that group. Since March 2020, the creator (and administrators/moderators) has donated and offered their time and advice to help those get through unemployment. All well versed with how unemployment works, answers and advice were constantly offered simply because they wanted to help. Everyone knows how painful it is to go through unemployment and not only because there was empathy, but many had first hand experience with the difficulties of unemployment. Check the Facebook group and see where this company stemmed from. The creator of the group is also the founder of this company. The purpose is to help people even further by directly assisting them.