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Weekly Benefit Amount Calculator


1) If you made $101 or more

Formula: benefit amount - (gross wages x .75) = new benefit amount

They subtract 75% of your gross wages


Ex. Benefit amount is 450, gross income for the week was 400

450 - (400 x .75)

450 - 300 = 150

New benefit amount for that particular week is 150


2) If you made $100 or less

Formula: benefit amount - (wages - 25) = new benefit amount

The first $25 will not subtracted from your benefit amount

Ex. Benefit amount is 450, gross income for the week was 100

450 - (100-25)

50 - 75 = 375

New benefit amount for that particular week is 375

3) If you made $25 in a week

Anything less than $25 will not count against your benefit amount



FAQs for returning back to work here.

Do I report money when I received it, or when I worked?

  • Report money WHEN YOU WORKED. When you got paid is irrelevant. See your paycheck and make sure it correlates with your certification

  • If your workweek does not match the certification (your paycheck says you are paid Thursday through Friday rather than Saturday to Sunday) then make sure to keep track of the gross amount of money you've earned EACH DAY to make sure you are reporting accurately for the days it asks.

  • SELF-EMPLOYED: report earnings WHEN you receive. Yes, very confusing, but if you are self-employed, it's different.

What happens if I don't report it?

  • You could you get a false statement show up on your claim which means you purposefully hid information or withheld information which can be considered fraud. You could potentially have to pay back 30% of your overpayment as well as serve penalty weeks. Penalty weeks is serving time on your claim and not receiving money until those weeks are served.

What if my payroll weeks are different than the certification weeks?

  • Certification always start on Saturday, end on Sunday. If your payroll weeks are different, make sure to keep track of what you are making each day to correctly report on the certification

How can I figure out how much is considered excessive earnings and forces me to not qualify for the LWA supplement?

  • Good question! There's a calculator for that too. :)



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