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It all began with the simple desire to want to help others.

With Unemployment Gurus, we can now take it a step further and walk you to the finish line of receiving your benefits alongside with you by assisting in getting in touch with EDD, speaking to EDD on your behalf, sending appeals for you, and even being your representative for hearings. We are primarily servicing those who have been stuck for months or need representation for appeals.


If you have a question - it's likely that it has been asked. Please check the variety of free resources we have, such as our blog, forum, or Facebook group that we update and check daily. 

Our company did not start out as the Unemployment Gurus, but the owner of the company, Erica Chan, has been donating her time and has been assisting others through this pandemic since March 2020. Our journey began through a Facebook group called Unofficial California Unemployment Help, which instantaneously grew in a short period of time and currently holds approximately 65k members. Many people who continue to return to shed light for others who are lost. The Facebook group was limiting by only being able to give advice and guidance with hopes that people will find their way, but now we can do more for you

We know unemployment can be confusing and overwhelming, which is what we are here for. We do not ask for payment upfront and only accept payment when we are able to help you get your benefits or what you need. We also have more detailed information in our FAQ section.


Additionally, the company is creating a hardship fund by contributing a portion of our services to this fund. The fund will be awarded to those in financial need. Once we have a well developed program, we will make applications available. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates.

Meet The Team

Erica Chan



Creator of Unofficial California Unemployment Help

Facebook group


Erica Chan is primarily a filmmaker that lives in Los Angeles, California. She recently had to give up her apartment because the high cost of living was difficult to keep up when she was barely working. During quarantine she created the Facebook group in order to help others who were struggling with unemployment. 

Erica is confident in her knowledge with unemployment because of her own personal experience with it, keeping updated with news released from the EDD, answering questions in her FAQcaui forum, and giving advice through the private messages she receives in her inbox. To date she has personally answered over 1000 messages from people who needed help regarding unemployment. 


She decided to partner up with her brother, Eric Chan, who is a finance guru and has a network of people in the business and legal world. With combined efforts, they were able to launch Unemployment Gurus to be able to assist those who need it even further.

Eric Chan



Eric Chan grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and has extensive experience in the business and finance world that helps to assist Unemployment Gurus.

Jade Terrell



Jade lives in Los Angeles where she has worked as a commercial actor, personal stylist, and yoga teacher. As a result of the pandemic, she and 1400 other California-based employees were permanently laid off and left without work indefinitely. Because of this experience, Jade was inspired to help her colleagues navigate the chaos of California EDD after learning a lot from her own personal and challenging experiences. Since being laid off, she has helped hundreds of fellow employees, friends, and strangers navigate the process of EDD as well as receive benefits that had previously been withheld.


Jade has also had experience working with appeal cases after previous EDD issues from 2018 that had carried over into an already hectic pandemic year of 2020. As a result of her own personal struggles, she has learned a great deal about the appeals process, PUA, and navigating the entire unemployment system. She greatly hopes that together we can all find a way to get back on our feet. She greatly hopes that together we can all find a way to get back on our feet.

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