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Reapplying - A Clear Answer

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Their website has finally been updated to explain whether or not you should be applying for a new claim. At first they were saying to simply look out for a notification from EDD, but now they have a clearer explanation for everything.

There were three newsletters that recently came out from EDD. Here are the highlights (or you can read them which is linked at the bottom of this article):

  • 47% o PEUC claimants will continue to collect benefits

  • PEUC claimants that exhausted their benefits will be phased in between April 10 and April 30

  • 95% of PUA claimants will continue to be able to certify. The 5% will get notifications by March 28, 2021

  • New PUA claimants can be eligible for higher weekly benefit amount by April 10 and the increase will be applied retroactively (with proof of income)

  • Charts and data such as backlog is 152,000 and has paid approx 19.5 billion since January. If you're interested in the charts, see link at the bottom of this article.

The New Frequently Asked Question

None of the EDD news articles really answers the question everyone keeps wanting clarification on: "TO REAPPLY OR NOT TO REAPPLY??!"

BUT - there is a page on the EDD website that explains the following:

EVEN IF YOU ARE ON EXTENSION - you must apply for a new claim

YOU NEED TO REAPPLY if it has been 1 year since you applied to Regular UI and you are on the following:

  • Regular UI

  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)

  • Federal-State Extended Duration (FED-ED)

Again, if you are on the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)... you DO NOT need to do anything!!! Everything is easy for those on PUA.

I don't know what program I am on, how do I find out?

NOTE: To reiterate, unless you are on PUA, it's likely you have to refile if it's been 1 year since you first applied.

But if you want to know what program you are on here you go:

  1. Log into your UI Online

  2. Click "History"

  3. Click "Transactions"

  4. Find "Program Type"

Here is the link to apply for a new claim

TL;DR - you need to reapply no matter what extension you are on if your claim has already existed for 1 year. This includes if you are currently on: regular UI, PEUC, and FED-ED. The only instance you do not is if you are PUA and have not made W2 wages this past year.

The main article that will be updated is right here if you'd like to follow it:

Do I need to amend my taxes?

No. The IRS currently says to not amend your taxes and will administer guidance as soon as possible. At one point they did put on their website that it would be automatic, but it has reverted to say they will issue guidance soon. See current IRS page yourself here. It could change from when this article has been published.



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