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News Release & FAQs

EDD updates, a few FAQ's, and information from older news in case you missed it.

PUA/PEUC Phase 2

  • Those who are a part of phase 2 (who had zero balance on Dec 26, 2020) -- EDD expects programming to be in place by March 7, 2021.

  • Check your e-mail, text, or mail for notices that will let you know when it's time to certify for your benefits

Moving from PUA back on to PEUC??

  • If you had a previous PEUC extension, you may be moved back to PEUC to receive the 11 week extension from the Continued Assistance Act (CAA)

  • Your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) could change when you change programs

  • It is possible your WBA will be lower if your PEUC was a lower weekly benefit amount. This is required federally.

  • 46% of claimants will see a higher benefit amount when they return to PEUC from PUA

  • Being placed back on PEUC extension will be effective February 7, 2021

Can I stay on PUA since it's a higher weekly benefit amount?

  • No. If you qualify for a regular UI claim that is the claim you are supposed to be on.

  • The only time you can be on PUA is if you are ineligible for regular UI

My claim has "Pending" status - why?

EDD is returning to phone interviews to confirm eligibility. Common reasons include:

  • You filed a new claim and reported you were fired or quit your job

  • Issue with your certification: offered worked but reported too sick or other reason

  • Issue with certification: refused a job offer in your normal field of occupation