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2/5 EDD News Update

Updated: Feb 10

Extension Updates

I'm on PUA/PEUC ... what's phase 2?

  • EDD indicated that those who had zero balance on or prior to 12/27/20 will be part of phase 2

  • Phase 1 were those who had a remaining balance on 12/27/20

Updates on Phase 2 - extended benefits for PUA/PEUC

  • Notifications for these claimants will be sent next week

  • Notification will say to look for the chance to start certifying by March 7, 2021

  • This will come via emails, text, or mailed notice

Any phase 1 updates?

  • Phase 1 roll-out has been completed

  • EDD continues to do sweeps for those who are about to run out

Pending Status Updates

  • If you have a pending status this is based on eligibility issues in the week-by-week unemployment insurance program.

  • EDD is required to return to conducting phone interviews to investigate eligibility

  • Because of the pandemic, looking for work is not required, but being able and available to accept work if offered is.

Suspended claims updates

There were 1.4 million claims identified as potentially fraudulent. You could have been: