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Certifying for Weeks

Updated: Feb 10

All questions related to bi-weekly certification

I certified via online, but got the paper version in the mail (or vice versa). Should I fill it out?

  • No, don't send in a duplicate. If you already did both, it's okay -- it'll show up as duplicate in your claim history.

Do I need to send my certification (paper version) by the date it says on there?

  • Do not send your paper certifications early to avoid delays. See here for more info.

  • If you certify by mail, submit it within 14 days of the Complete and Mail This Form on date

What should I put for question #3 - did I search for work?

  • When you hit "yes", a detailed work search will be the next page. You can hit "next" to skip the page since work search is not required during the pandemic.

  • Before the pandemic, EDD states that to be eligible for UI, you have to always be searching for full time work. Due to COVID-19, searching for work is technically not required due to the crisis and they recommend to answer this question honestly.

  • Prior to the pandemic, by answering NO to question #3, the system will automatically disqualify you from receiving benefits. Supposedly they fixed that and are more "flexible" on that question now.

How do I answer the 6 questions?

EDD states the following -- to be eligible you have to be: