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Program Breakdown

Updated: Feb 10

What happens next?

Here are all the programs about Unemployment Insurance in big strokes. Check out links for details. What happens after I run out of money in my claim?

  • Below is a quick breakdown of how many weeks you may qualify for so you know what will happen with your benefits

  • Most people applied in March meaning your benefits are probably going to run out soon.

  • ALL PROGRAMS ARE AUTOMATIC - There is no need to "apply" for anything but your initial claim

Regular UI (w2 worker): - Regular UI: 26 weeks

  • You must hit 0.00 in your balance to trigger PEUC

  • You will receive a $0.00 letter that says you do not have enough wages

  • Then you will receive a notice saying you were automatically filed for PEUC

- PEUC: 13 weeks + 11 weeks with new stimulus = total 24

  • You must hit 0.00 in your balance to trigger FED-ED consideration

- FED-ED: 13 weeks + 7 weeks with unemployment rate being high = total 20

  • IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR FED-ED - EDD will file for PUA automatically for you