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Program Breakdown

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

What happens next?

Here are all the programs about Unemployment Insurance in big strokes. Check out links for details. What happens after I run out of money in my claim?

  • Below is a quick breakdown of how many weeks you may qualify for so you know what will happen with your benefits

  • Most people applied in March meaning your benefits are probably going to run out soon.

  • ALL PROGRAMS ARE AUTOMATIC - There is no need to "apply" for anything but your initial claim

Regular UI (w2 worker): - Regular UI: 26 weeks

  • You must hit 0.00 in your balance to trigger PEUC

  • You will receive a $0.00 letter that says you do not have enough wages

  • Then you will receive a notice saying you were automatically filed for PEUC

- PEUC: 13 weeks + 11 weeks with new stimulus = total 24

  • You must hit 0.00 in your balance to trigger FED-ED consideration

- FED-ED: 13 weeks + 7 weeks with unemployment rate being high = total 20

  • IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR FED-ED - EDD will file for PUA automatically for you

PUA (self-employed/1099 worker): - PUA: 39 weeks + 11 weeks with new stimulus = total 50 weeks - FED-ED: 7 weeks Do I need to do anything for the extension? Is it automatic? Where do I apply?

  • It’s automatic. No need to do anything. You can read more about PEUC or FED ED. FED-ED has different eligibility requirements.


FPUC $600 from week ending April 5 - July 25, 2020

  • FPUC of additional $600 qualifies for weeks ending 4/5/2020 to 7/25/2020

  • More about additional $600 eligibility here

LWA $300 from week ending August 1 - Sept 5, 2020

  • LWA of additional $300 qualifies for weeks ending 8/1/2020 to 9/5/2020

  • More about additional $300 eligibility here


  • This new $300 WORKS THE EXACT SAME WAY as the original $600... it's just $300 less now. You need to earn only $1 in state benefits to get the $300.

  • FPUC of additional $300 qualifies for weeks after 12/26 (exact date pending)

How do I apply to PUA after my regular UI claim runs out?

  • You don’t. You would go on PEUC. PUA are for those who do not qualify for regular UI benefits.

I have X amount of weeks left... when will it switch?

  • You have to exhaust your regular UI benefits before it will automatically put you on PEUC. You have to hit 0 in your account before anything happens. You also have to exhaust your PEUC before you are considered for FED-ED

My balance has less than my usual weekly benefit for the very last week. Is there a way to get my usual?

  • If your last week has less than your benefit amount then it will pay you out the remainder, there is not a way to “make up” for your full weekly benefit. You are given an award amount at the beginning of your claim and your claim will last until you use it up entirely (or your claim year ends, whichever happens first). It will not give you anything extra. The reason for a weird remainder on the last week is because you had worked during your claim period which caused you to receive less benefits in the weeks you worked, which means it didn’t take away from your main balance and made your last week an uneven amount.

I have less than 26 weeks, was that incorrect?

  • Not everyone gets 26 weeks depending on how UI determined what you qualify for


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Tools & Resources:

NEW: direct Unemployment Guru Help

We are now servicing people who have claims that have been stuck for months or those who need assistance with appeals. If you have other questions you can ask in our forum which we check periodically.

Tools & Calculators

Unemployment Gurus has tools and calculators to figure out those really confusing questions:

  • How much can I earn and still qualify for the FPUC $300 from the new stimulus?

  • Do I qualify for FED-ED?

  • How much will I get if I work?

  • What is my standard base period?

  • Do I qualify for LWA?

  • Am I eligible for UI?

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