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All things FED-ED

Updated: Feb 10

Information from EDD page here

What is FED-ED?

  • The Federal-State Extended Duration (FED-ED) extension provides up to 20 weeks of additional benefits for people who used all of their unemployment benefits

  • FED-ED also adds 7 weeks to the PUA program, making PUA a maximum of 46 weeks

  • FED-ED can only be paid only after people have collected all regular UI benefits as well as PEUC (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation)

  • FED-ED will continue until California's unemployment rate drops below a certain level -- there is no end date for the extended benefit period as of now

What makes me eligible?

  • If you are unemployed and you:

  • Have a regular UI claim that started on or after May 19, 2019

  • Used all benefits on UI claim and PEUC, or your claim has expired

  • Do not qualify for new UI claim in CA or any other state

  • Meet UI eligible requirements and are not disqualified

  • Made enough earnings in the base period of your regular UI claim (see next question)

How do I find if I made enough earnings in my base period to qualify?

Continue reading below for how the math works or you can get access to the Tools & Calculators here to check you eligibility.

Your total base period earnings must be more than either of these

a) 40 times weekly benefit amount (40 x WBA)

  1. Find your base period. More information here

  2. Calculate the total amount of earnings during that period

  3. Find your weekly benefit amount (WBA) located on your main page when you log into your online portal

  4. Multiply your Weekly Benefit Amount by 40 (WBA x 40)

  5. Is your weekly benefit amount x 40 < total amount of earnings in base period

  6. If yes, you qualify

b) 1.5 times the earnings in highest quarter of the base period of your regular claim

  1. Find your base period. More information here

  2. Calculate the total amount of earnings during that period

  3. Find the quarter where you made the HIGHEST earnings

  4. Multiply the earnings in your highest quarter by 1.5

  5. Is your highest quarterly earnings x 1.5 < total amount of earnings in base period

  6. If yes, you qualify

NOTE: To qualify it's EITHER/OR situation A or B


1. You find that your base period is from Jan 2019 - Dec 2019

Quarter 1 (Jan - Mar) = earned 11,700

Quarter 2 (Apr - Jun) = earned 3,000

Quarter 3 (July - Sept) = earned 3,000

Quarter 4 (Oct - Dec) = earned 3,000

2. Total of all earnings during your base period = 20,700

3. Your weekly benefit amount is 450

Qualifying Situation A: Multiply weekly benefit amount by 40 (450 x 40 = 18,000)

  • Is the total base earnings greater than weekly benefit amount x 40?

  • Total base period earnings (20,700) > WBA x 40 (18,000)

  • Yes, you qualify

Qualifying Situation B: Multiply highest quarter earnings by 1.5 (11,700 x 1.5 = 17,550)

  • Is the total base earnings greater than highest quarterly earnings x 1.5?

  • Total base period earnings (20,700) > highest quarterly earnings x 1.5 (17,550)

  • Yes, you qualify

I qualify. What do I need to do next?

  • If you are eligible, EDD will automatically file FED-ED extension after you collect all PEUC benefits

  • PEUC will end December 31, 2020 -- in that case, if FED-ED benefits are still available they put you on FED-ED automatically

  • Look for a Notice of Determination for Federal-State Extended Duration Benefits (Fed-ED Extension) (DE 6330FED-E) within 5-7 days. This will include effective date of the extension, eligibility requirements and potential benefita mounts.

What do I do if I'm not eligible?

There are one of two things that you can do:

1. You can appeal the decision

  • You will be mailed a Notice of Determination for Federal-State Extended Duration Benefits (FED-ED Extension) (DE 6330FED-D) within 5-7 days. It will explain why you are not eligible and will include information how to appeal.

  • FAQcaui has additional advice for appealing here

2. You will automatically be put on PUA

  • EDD will either open a new PUA claim for you, or put you on your old PUA claim if you had one in the past

  • You will be sent a notice of Immediate Action Required - Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Self-Certification (DE 4365PUA).

  • You must very that you meet PUA eligibility requirements: unemployed, partially unemployed, unable or unavailable to work due to one of the federally recognized COVID-19 reasons.

  • If you do not complete and return the form within 10 days, your PUA benefits may be delayed or denied

What does the maximum benefit amount depend on?

It depends on your last regular UI claim. Your maximum benefit amount will be the lesser of two situations:

  1. 50% of the maximum benefit amount of your UI claim

  2. 13x the weekly benefit amount


In your old claim, you had a weekly benefit amount of 400 and had a maximum benefit amount of 8,800

Example 1: 50% of 8,800 = 4,400

Example 2: 13 x $400 = 5,200

Your maximum benefit amount will be 4,400 since it is the lesser of the two

This example taken straight from EDD website here

I got paid FED-ED benefits between May 10 and July 25 -- will I still get the additional $600?

  • Yes, EDD will pay the federal stimulus fund on top of your weekly benefit amount. It will be automatically added to each eligible weeks

For FED-ED, is there a one-week waiting period with no pay?

  • No

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Tools & Resources:

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Tools & Calculators

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  • How much can I earn and still qualify for the FPUC $300 from the new stimulus?

  • Do I qualify for FED-ED?

  • How much will I get if I work?

  • What is my standard base period?

  • Do I qualify for LWA?

  • Am I eligible for UI?

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