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Jul 12, 2021
In Miscellaneous
Hi, I've been getting unemployment for a year since covid started. I had a temporary job (paid internship) for the last 6 weeks, but it's ending, and I'd like to get back on unemployment benefits once it's done until I can find another one. I'm wondering how to certify for the weeks I was working? I don't need any benefits for those weeks. Do I just not certify for those weeks and then start certifying for the weeks after or do I still need to fill out that form for the weeks I was working, and if so, how do I answer the questions? Thanks!
Apr 08, 2021
In DNCP / WBA decreased
I had to reapply for benefits after a year, and it went through, but my WBA (weekly benefit amount) is $200 less than it was, since I didn't make any money this year, and it was based on a different time period than it was originally. Is there any way I can continue getting the benefit amount I was getting before? I'm confused why they made us reapply when we haven't been working anyway. Do I qualify for the DNCP or is that over? If so, how does one apply for that?


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