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Status: Disqualified, pending, duplicate, reissued, excessive earnings, paid, not paid

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Explanation of the status of your certification

Status: Disqualification - Facebook thread here

  • Full explanation of why you could be disqualified listed here

  • Common reasons (short version). Below is based on regular UI. We are in unprecedented times and things keep changing by the day.

- Intentional Misstatement - gave EDD incorrect information concerning your claim

- Withholding of Material Facts - withheld information concerning claim, preventing

EDD from making a correct decision

- Unreported Earnings - when you claimed benefits for the weeks, you declared you

had no work earnings when you did

- Availability for Work - this is the PRIMARY reason usually -- you must be available

to work!

- Ability to Work - again, you must be able to work!

- Regarding an offer of work - you denied work when offered

- Identity Issues - most people are running into this problem of not having their

identity confirmed. Please double check your social and birthdate before

submitting. Yes, people have entered those in wrong!

After reading these reasons and if you feel as if you were WRONGLY DISQUALIFIED -- you need to contact EDD to correct it. Phone tips here.

NOTE: It's been reported from a member that most disqualifications can be solved via the extended 833-978-2511 phone number.

Status: False Statement

  • You provided a false statement - which could mean that you did not report income when you did in fact made wages that week. You either made a false statement or withheld information from EDD. That's the simple explanation. Here is a very thorough explanation straight from EDD here.

Status: Pending - Facebook thread here

  • If you certified more than one week (certified for past weeks), it will take much longer to process. Expect 2-3 weeks from certifying for the past weeks.

  • If you certified for a regular two week period, it should take only a few days to get paid out, given they don't find any reason to disqualify you with your certification.

  • If you reported money or anything out of the ordinary -- expect it to take at least a week to process

  • If there is something wrong with your certification or for some reason have flagged your account for review -- it will take much longer. Many people have been pending for 4+ weeks. All situations differ from each other. Double check how you answered your certification. Depending on how you answer could lengthen the pending/processing status.

  • If you are at a loss, we have phone tips here

Status: Excessive earnings - Facebook thread here

  • Excessive earnings mean you've been paid too much for the week to qualify for unemployment.

  • If you end up with $0 benefit, you will not get the extra $600 from CARES. If you can qualify for at least $1, you will get the additional $600

  • See detailed explanation from EDD website here, under "What will I be paid?"

  • If you earned less than $100: Benefit amount - (wages - $25.00) = new benefit amount

  • If you earned $101 or more: Benefit amount - (wages x .75) = new benefit amount

  • Making excessive income for one week is independent of your qualification for other weeks

  • You can only put up to 999.99 per week for earnings. Each week is independent of each other

Status: Reissued - Facebook thread here

  • Reissued means there was something wrong with your certification and they are asking you to re-do your certification for that week

  • Could have gotten ruined via being mailed

Status: Duplicate - Facebook thread here

  • This typically shows up when you did both the paper form and online. If you already certified doing it one way, there is no need to submit your certification again

  • Try to avoid sending both paper and doing it online -- you might just lengthen your wait time of getting your certification processed

Status: Not Paid - Facebook thread here

  • This could mean that you are expected to be paid out by UI, but they have not processed that money to you yet.

  • It could also mean they did not pay you at all for that week - check the other lines in your claim history and see if it says "paid" with similar dates

  • Another example: It could have said "disqualified" before but now says "Not Paid"

Status: Paid - Facebook thread here

  • You've been paid! Yay!

  • Once you've been paid, a debit card will be automatically sent to you within 7-10 business days. Give it a extra few days since all businesses are overwhelmed

  • Give it 48 hours to show up on your EDD card.

  • If you are not doing the "normal" certification of just two weeks, for example, you are certifying for more than one, week or you reported money or anything out of the ordinary -- expect it to take a few more days to process

Status: Outstanding

  • Outstanding means that you were paid by check


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