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Status: Disqualified, pending, duplicate, reissued, excessive earnings, paid, not paid

Updated: Feb 10

Explanation of the status of your certification

Status: Disqualification - Facebook thread here

  • Full explanation of why you could be disqualified listed here

  • Common reasons (short version). Below is based on regular UI. We are in unprecedented times and things keep changing by the day.

- Intentional Misstatement - gave EDD incorrect information concerning your claim

- Withholding of Material Facts - withheld information concerning claim, preventing

EDD from making a correct decision

- Unreported Earnings - when you claimed benefits for the weeks, you declared you

had no work earnings when you did

- Availability for Work - this is the PRIMARY reason usually -- you must be available

to work!

- Ability to Work - again, you must be able to work!

- Regarding an offer of work - you denied work when offered

- Identity Issues - most people are running into this problem of not having their

identity confirmed. Please double check your social and birthdate before

submitting. Yes, people have entered those in wrong!

After reading these reasons and if you feel as if you were