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Retroactive Certification / Auto-Certification

Updated: Feb 10

More information from EDD page here

EDD did a thing where they "auto-certified" people -- which meant you did not have to certify and would automatically get paid out. They did this so millions of people would not log in online and the same time and cause the system to continually crash.

Because of that, many people got paid out their full benefits despite working that week.

People are now starting to get a notice (written at the bottom of this post)

Am I required to retro-actively certify?

  • If you did not certify, but received payment -- you must certify to confirm you were eligible

  • If you did not certify, returned to work, but received payment -- EDD is required to get certification from you as well. NOTE: EDD will follow up with how any payments received can e returned. Claimants in this situation will NOT face a false statement penalty and may be eligible for waiver of any overpayment

  • If you reported through AskEDD - you STILL NEED TO RETRO-CERTIFY

  • This must be completed by October 5, 2020

  • You can "retro-actively certify" through this link here

What if I don't do it?

  • You must complete certification by October 5, 2020. If you do not, EDD will use information available and if eligibility is not supported you could be required to repay the EDD.

What do I need to retroactively certify?