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What wages to report?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Information taken from EDD FAQ's here

How do I report my "type" of wages?

  • EDD has a list of wages here

  • If it's listed on your paycheck as REGULAR WAGES then treat it as regular wages

  • Select YES to question "Did you work this week" if you are receiving the following: regular earnings including in-home support services, regular and banquet tips, commissions, military reserves/national guard duty including weekend/annual duty, self-employment or independent contract work pay, meals and lodging provided in exchange for work, stipend, corporate or union officer, picket duty pay, piece rate

I did not physically work, but I got paid - what do I do?

  • Answer YES to question #6 on your main certification (did you get paid or receive income)

  • It will take you to a second page for follow up questions. See image:

IF ONLY you received the type of pay below, answer YES to question #2:

(NOTE: If it is NOT LISTED another follow up page will give you a drop down menu that you can select "not listed".)

  • Pension

  • Residual Pay or Holding Fees

  • Severence Pay or Employment Separation Pay

  • Vacation Pay or Hiatus Pay

  • Jury Duty

  • Sick Leave Pay

  • Holiday Pay

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Wage Continuation Pay

  • Bonus

  • In Lieu of Notice Pay

  • WARN Pay

  • Witness Fees not including Mileage Reimbursement

  • Back Pay Award

  • Incentive pay

  • Idle time/show up or stand-by pay

  • Royalties

  • Supplemental Unemployment Benefits

  • Script Option Payment

  • Retirement Funds Disbursement (401k, etc) Lump Sum

  • Profit Sharing

  • Strike benefits

Why did I get paid? I reported my vacation pay, severance pay, etc?

  • UI will determine whether or not those wages deduct from your benefit amount. It is absolutely normal for you to receive your full benefits even though you reported it. It has happened to many members. If you do not feel comfortable, feel free to go to and report your wages again. You can also screen shot the page that shows you did in fact report it. If you are reporting honestly, you are more than likely okay. Also, feel free to contact EDD with these phone tips here.

Stimulus - do we need to report it? Will it effect my UI benefit?

  • Do we need to report it? No

  • Will it effect my UI benefit? No

  • I haven't gotten mine, where do I check? At this IRS link, here.

How much will I get paid if I report wages?

If you earned 101 or more, this is the formula

  • Benefit amount - (wages earned x .75) = new benefit amount

If you earned 100 or less, this is the formula

  • Benefit amount - (wages earned - 25) = new benefit amount

NOTE: If you qualify for at least $1, you will receive the additional $600 from CARES

Do I need to report volunteer work?

  • No, if you're not earning wages. Unpaid volunteer work does not count against your UI benefits as long as you still are actively looking for work and meet all other eligibility requirements when certifying for benefits.

What if my payroll weeks are different than the certifying weeks?

  • The certification weeks on the Continued Claim Form (DE 4581) (PDF) always start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday. If your payroll weeks are different than the weeks that the EDD has issued, keep a record of your work and wages earned for each day to correctly report information on the DE 4581.

What happens if I do not report my wages?

  • Certifying for benefits while working and not properly reporting wages is considered committing UI fraud and you could face a variety of serious penalties. You are legally responsible for reporting work and wages correctly. For more information, visit Fraud Prevention and Detection Activities for Work and Wages.


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