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What wages to report?

Updated: Feb 10

Information taken from EDD FAQ's here

How do I report my "type" of wages?

  • EDD has a list of wages here

  • If it's listed on your paycheck as REGULAR WAGES then treat it as regular wages

  • Select YES to question "Did you work this week" if you are receiving the following: regular earnings including in-home support services, regular and banquet tips, commissions, military reserves/national guard duty including weekend/annual duty, self-employment or independent contract work pay, meals and lodging provided in exchange for work, stipend, corporate or union officer, picket duty pay, piece rate

I did not physically work, but I got paid - what do I do?

  • Answer YES to question #6 on your main certification (did you get paid or receive income)

  • It will take you to a second page for follow up questions. See image:

IF ONLY you received the type of pay below, answer YES to question #2:

(NOTE: If it is NOT LISTED another follow up page will give you a drop down menu that you can select "not listed".)

  • Pension

  • Residual Pay or Holding Fees

  • Severence Pay or Employment Separation Pay

  • Vacation Pay or Hiatus Pay