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Says "reopen claim" or "file new claim" when I already filed

Updated: Feb 10

Situation: You keep checking the UI portal to see if your claim has been processed or updated, it is showing NO updates and now you notice that you have the option to file a new claim. Previously it said  “processing” when you tried to click the file new claim button.

Do not reopen your claim! Especially if you got a confirmation number -- it's processing. EDD is a crazy system that just doesn't like things if it's not a certain way so don't add to the problem and cause potential delay. It's not a big issue, but avoid re-filing if you see the glitch. It’s very tempting to file another claim, while you anxiously wait for a determination from EDD.

Wait a few days... keep checking back. It's better to wait one week. Don't worry -- you won't miss out on a certification. You have at least 2 weeks from the Sunday it asked you to certify to complete certification.

Did you already reopen your claim? You are probably fine, but know that you are not the only one who it happens to. Better to leave it alone only because as you know, their systems are so old and don't like anything that is slightly off. Better safe than sorry.

Instead, give your claim two to three weeks processing time from the time you first filed. If it STILL says reopen/refile, then unfortunately you do have to contact EDD and get that fixed. It's something more than just a glitch at this point. If you speak to a claims specialist they are often able to file the claim for you over the phone or push through your existing application and more than likely be able to backdate it to the date you filed as well. Phone tips are here.

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