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Reopen Claim Popped up

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This has popped up on many people's claims... do not panic.

Update 1/15/2021

  • People who reopened their claim before receiving an official notice from EDD will be allowed to certify for later weeks and will SEPARATELY have the earlier weeks available to them

  • THIS MEANS - it is possible you will have a few weeks missing but don't panic! They will be made available to you LATER

This is not a bad nor good sign in any way. To explain the reopen claim button -- this TYPICALLY appears after your claim has not been active.

You have been active since December 2020? Well, technically the programs on PUA and PEUC ended December 26, 2020 -- which means your claim was closed. So if you see that, it would be normal for EDD that to ask you to reopen if they have implemented the new programs.

Around May 2020 the "reopen" button was popping up for everyone when EDD was making changes meaning THIS IS VERY NORMAL. EDD is making adjustments to implement the new stimulus and it makes sense that things are popping up.

I would recommend to not do anything this upcoming week. The reason why I would recommend not to touch anything is for two reasons:

  1. Because EDD said they are going to implement everything in the next two weeks, so personally if it was my claim, I would not touch anything until they have everything settled. Sometimes less is more.

  2. If you were supposed to certify 1/10 -- your certification will be OPEN for at least two weeks. Meaning if you wait one week, your certification still should be available to you.

If you absolutely cannot wait and have to see what's past the reopen claim, of course re-open it if you want. It should not "technically" do you any harm. You will just be reopening it. I guess it depends on how much you trust their system to be correct and how badly you have to re-open it and do things to your claim. You will have to fill out your last employer and such, which is NORMAL for someone who is reopening their claim that has not for awhile.

If you already re-opened it and everything looks fine - you're probably fine. If you re-opened it and have not seen any changes... you probably still just need to wait for EDD to implement.

TL;DR - Wait the next two weeks for changes as mentioned in EDD's most recent newsletter. :)


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