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PUA: Just applied

Updated: Feb 10

I haven't filed my 2019 taxes, will they go off of 2018 taxes?

  • This is not 100%, but some members have reported that some people have received an increase despite not filing the 2019 taxes yet.

I got everything with $0.00's. What's next?

  • If you had not waited at least 2-3 weeks, that is how long it takes to process

  • If you applied prior to 4/28/20, you need to reapply because they have the PUA up for 1099, self-employed and independent contractors now

  • If you applied AFTER 4/28/20, wait at least 2 weeks before calling. It could just be processing time causing the delay.

I made a mistake!! What do I do?

  • The only way to correct a mistake is contacting EDD. There is not a way to make changes online. Here are phone tips.

How can I send in proof of income to increase my benefit amount?

  • Phases for PUA here in this update

I just certified, how long will it take for me to receive money?

  • If you certified for only two weeks - the regular amount, it should take only a few days for it to show up on your Bank of America account.

  • If you certified for MULTIPLE weeks -- expect another week for ALL of those to process

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