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9/19 EDD News Release

Updated: Feb 10

You may have seen some news going on about the Strike Team releasing their report. Below are the main summary points that could potentially effect you. For the most part, it will mostly only effect new claimants - not people who are already applied and are in the system.

Current claimants

Is this change going to effect me?!

  • If you have a claim and have been certifying every week with no problem, nothing is going to happen for you. This is more for new claimants or people who have problems with their claim

Why is the main phone line different?

  • EDD is redirecting their most experienced claim specialist to work on the backlog, as well as processing mail and e-mail items received. If you have a complex problem, it's probably best to wait until the two weeks are over so you can spend your time trying to call in to get a claim specialist

Claimants waiting forever for their claim to process

When will mine be processed?

  • EDD is working on the backlog and including those who have not had any movement in their claim since March. Make sure to answer your phone if they happen to call these next two weeks if you fall under this category.

I read that this backlog won't be done until January 2021, is that true?

  • They have a goal to have no backlog until January 2021. The claim specialists are redirected for two weeks only, but it means things should be going back to normal after this for those who don’t have problems.

  • For those who do have problems, yes it might take a moment for them to get to yours. Personally, I would recommend calling the main line when it’s back up. See phone tips here

New Applicants

I can't apply -- why?

  • EDD is taking steps to prevent their backlog growth, which means applications will be closed for new applicants for two weeks starting September 19, 2020

Will it backdate?