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9/17 News Release

Updated: Feb 10

Updates on $300 Lost Wages Assistance (LWA)

  • Phase 1 - EDD plans to complete by early next week for the weeks between July 26 and August 15 -- this means three weeks total, not the five CA was awarded

  • Phase 2 - This is in process. Claimants need to self-attest that their partial or full unemployment is related to COVID-19. CHECK YOUR ONLINE PORTAL. They are also sending notifications by e-mail, text, and mailed notices.

REMINDER: What makes you eligible are THREE things:

  1. Minimum of $100 or more weekly benefit award. If you're weekly benefit award on your main page is less than $100 - you do not qualify. Sorry :(

  2. Received payment on claim between July 26 and August 15

  3. Must self-attest that you are unemployed/partially unemployed due to disruptions caused by COVID-19

NOTE: If you worked between July 26 and August 15 -- as long as you received $1 from your UI benefits, you will get the LWA (assuming you meet the other eligibility requirements)

Why am I not seeing any payments?

  • If you had excessive earnings, were fully employed, or disqualified -- YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR LWA

I thought CA got approved for five weeks?

They are distributing the first three weeks. Certification weeks ending August 22 and August 29 will be issued later. CA is also pending a sixth week approval.

Everything you need to know about the LWA here, including eligibility, etc

Fraud is still rampant, but EDD is working on solving the issue. See more in the full article here.