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8/6 News Release

Updated: Feb 10

Full EDD news release here. Summary below.

$600 Payments

  • Federal government and Congress has not passed anything

  • Any weeks that are eligible between March 29, 2020 and July 25, 2020 will receive the additional $600 (which means if you certify for older weeks although TODAY may be a date past July 25 -- you will still receive benefits + $600)

New things with EDD

  • Email notifications will be sent to claimants with active claims to remind you to certify

  • New phone menu when you call the technical phone line (more info here)

  • EDD Calling Upgrade: when EDD calls it'll show "St of CA EDD" or the UI call center number 833-978-2511 instead of blocked or unknown

Additional useful links newsletter includes:

EDD warns of UI Fraud

Be diligent and look out for the following suspicious activities:

  • Receiving communications regarding unemployment insurance forms when you have not applied for UI benefits

  • Any fees involved in filling or qualifying for UI benefits. EDD does not charge for services associated with unemployment benefits

  • Unsolicited inquiries related to UI benefits