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7/9 EDD News Release

Updated: Feb 10

Entire news release here. Summary below:

The main thing I found in this news release that was beneficial for claimants was they are trying to set up a process to upload documents for identity verification to streamline the process. I know so many people are suffering due to EDD's slow process for it, so this is great news. They are also adding tips to applications which will be so useful since they are confusing AF.

Otherwise, this news release does not have much else, but mainly sheds light on all the different things EDD is doing to cope with the massive volume of claims. New hires, new technology, new services, new FAQs.

A few notes on reopening your claim

  • If you stop certifying, but have to return to reopen your claim, it's very simple.

  • If you have initially opened a claim, it is good for one year. You don't file a new one -- you REOPEN.

  • Use UI online to reopen your claim. Here is a video tutorial

  • In most cases, EDD can automatically reopen claims within a few days to a week. If it's taking longer, more than likely something has been flagged on your account and you have to manually follow up to determine eligibility. Phone tips here

Additional enhancements to systems to increase efficiency:

  • More automation features on the largest manual staff work queues

  • Implementing online access for employers to apply for the lay-off aversion Work Sharing program and for their employees to certify for benefits

  • Building a new document uploading option to help streamline the Identity Verification process (this is actually really good news, I hope it gets up soon and has zero issues...so many people suffering from identity verification)

  • Adding tips in our UI Online application to assist claimants in certifying their eligibility for benefits accurately and avoiding common mistakes that can unnecessarily delay payments.