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7/1 EDD News Release/Update (FED-ED)

Updated: Feb 10

Full news release here

UI benefits now available for LONG-TERM unemployed

Federal-State Extended Duration benefits program (FED-ED) only becomes available during times of prolonged periods of unemployment. It provides up to 13 additional weeks of benefits and 50% from State's UI Trust Fund and 50% from federal funds.

Under AB103, the state now meets federal trigger standards to maximize support for unemployed from the federal government


For PUA Claimants:

  • PUA Claimants will have an additional 7 weeks of benefits (totaling to 46 weeks instead of 39 weeks)

  • These additional weeks are fully federally-funded, saving California's UI Trust Fund in addition to providing some tax relief to employer

For Regular UI Claimants:

  • Regular UI Claimants will have an additional 20 weeks through FED-ED after PEUC ends

  • EDD will implement FED-ED programming for first 13 weeks (out of 20) starting on July 1st, in time for some claimants who may be running out of PEUC. Programming for remaining 7 weeks will follow shortly after

  • Summary: individuals can potentially receive up to a total of 59 weeks (regular UI of 26 weeks + PEUC of 13 weeks + FED-ED extension of 20 weeks). It all depends on when someone exhausts their claim and how much time remains to collect PEUC or FED-ED benefits before those programs expire. Keyword "up to".

Additional questions answered in EDD Newsletter

Am I eligible for FED-ED?

  • You must remain able and available for work