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6/25 EDD News Release

Updated: Feb 10

Entire news release here. Summary below

Additional Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits soon available for long term unemployed

  • EDD is finalizing details of a separate extension of regular UI benefits that is known as FED-ED: Federal-State Extended Duration benefits program.

  • FED-ED will offer up to at least 13 weeks of additional benefits for those who run out of their initial benefits

  • For example, if you are currently on PEUC, you will be on FED-ED after

  • EDD says they will be automatically filing a new FED-ED claim for those available. More details next week

Common mistakes that can delay benefits unnecessarily (EDD staff has to manually review to determine eligibility for following mistakes):

1) Were you too sick or injured to work? ANSWER NO if you are healthy enough to work everyday of the week.

  • If you say "yes" you are too sick, it will disqualify you from benefits for that week. People are answering "yes" because they feel COVID is still impacting the population.

  • See this article to help certify for your weeks

2) Was there any other reason (other than sickness or injury) that you could not have accepted full-time work each workday? ANSWER NO

  • You MUST be available to work to be eligible to receive benefits. Available means you are ready and willing to accept work even though businesses are closed. People are responding "yes" because they don't think they can accept work.

  • Truthfully, this needs to say "BESIDES REASONS OF COVID, was there any reason that you could not have accepted full-time work each day?"

  • Unless your case meets good cause provisions for refusing work, answer NO. Good cause could be having no childcare as long as individual explored alternatives to obtain childcare, being over age of 65 or having health conditions that meet high risk factors identified by state Department of Public Health.

  • See this article to help certify for your weeks