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12/10 EDD News Release

Updated: Feb 10

I'm on PEUC, what happens on December 26, 2020?

  • If you meet eligibility requirements for FED-ED extension, EDD will automatically transition you into a FED-ED claim and send you a notification through the mail

How do I figure out if I am eligible for FED-ED?

  • There is a calculator tool on FAQcaui, but this article tells you everything you need to know without purchasing the tools.

I'm currently on FED-ED - is there any changes for me?

  • EDD is required to recalculate the award to the maximum of 13 weeks. Any weeks paid out more than 13 weeks will not be considered an overpayment

I don't need to apply for FED-ED/extension until on or after December 27. How many weeks is the extension?

  • Those applying on or after December 27 will be eligible for up to 13 weeks rather than 20 due to funding form the CARES Act expiring

I have been impacted by the stay-at-home order, how do I reopen a claim? 1) Sign in to Benefits Program Online 2) Select Reopen Your Claim

  • If you do not see this, you may have past certifications you need to complete

  • Select Certify for Benefits

3) Answer questions EDD asks 4) Review and submit your answers 5) Check your status of your request -- if you were successful in reopening your claim, it will show when you should check back to certify for benefits. Expect up to 10 days for your claim to reopen Here are instructions straight from EDD website here Additional Resources https://www.edd.ca.gov/about_edd/Additional_Resources.htm

Full EDD Newsletter https://edd.ca.gov/About_EDD/pdf/news-20-65.pdf

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