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11/12 News & Updates

Updated: Feb 10

Appeals, identity verification, stuck claims, etc

EDD news releases does not have much relevant news so I did not send a newsletter update last week. Here are the bullet points:

EDD News for 11/5:

  • EDD's progress with processing claims here

  • Updated video of how to apply here

  • EDD's top FAQ's here

  • EDD flowchart and breakdown of unemployment programs here

EDD News for 11/12:

How to reopen your claim:

If it's been within 120 days:

  • Continue certifying on your already established claim

  • Select the appropriate week in which you had your hours reduced

  • Provide eligibility info as required

  • No need to provide information for the weeks you did full time work -- only give information for the weeks where you lost work and are seeking financial help of benefits

If it's been beyond 120 days:

  • Click the "ReOpen Claim" button and provide latest employment information EDD is asking for