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10/22 News Release

Updated: Feb 10

New enhancements to EDD's UI Call Center launching tomorrow morning

  • Moves all call center agents to one virtual platform eliminating confusion about what call center lines provide what service

  • Three UI call center numbers available between 8am - 8pm, seven days a week

  • Includes calls in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese languages with TTY service

  • Based on reason, call will be directed to specific rep with most applicable skillset

  • Self-service options are still available for payment details, tax form info, or to certify via Tele-Cart

Online Access for Work Sharing Program

  • Available online for new workers seeking work sharing benefits

  • When employer faces a temporary setback and must cut back hours and wages, employees can collect UI benefits to help fill in the gap. This helps employees fro hardship and employers expense of recruiting, hiring and training new employees when business is back up

  • More on work sharing here

Anti-fraud efforts

EDD currently knows of 350,000 debit cards that have been frozen due to fraud indicators (including high number of claims at a single address) More about fraud and penalties here

My card froze, what should I do??

Anyone impacted by this should take the following actions:

  • If you received e-mail, text, or mailed notice from EDD to request you to provide ID verification documents, visit the website, log in and upload the documents through the Document Upload feature.

  • Payments will be re-established for claimants that are verified

  • If you need help go to AskEDD