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EDD News Release 1/8

Updated: Feb 10

EDD is implementing next phase of extensions starting Monday and will stretch over a two week period. This means though they are starting on Monday, not everyone will see the effects of the changes immediately and will see it over time.

Extra payments of $300 has begun and will be phased in for PEUC and PUA claimants. Look out for notices via email, text, or mailed notice.

The upcoming next phase includes those who exhausted their claims BEFORE the CARES Act ended.

New Provisions for PUA:

  • Proof of employment or self-employed will need to be submitted. Where and how is still pending instructions from EDD.

  • Waiving overpayments: EDD is waiting guidance on how to implement

Quick summary

  • Monday people should BEGIN to start seeing changes, but not everyone will immediately. Changes will happen over the next two weeks.

  • PUA claimants plan on showing proof of income

  • PUA claimants, wait for more guidance on having overpayments waive



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