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W2/PUA: 5/27 Julie Su Update - PUA, Extension, Penalty Week

Updated: Feb 10

Straight from Julie Su on Facebook -- link here

PUA - those that qualify for higher benefits

· Starting last week, PUA above the min. $167/week began; Californians whose 2019 earnings justify a higher amount will begin to see these bumps in addition to the $600/week from 3/29-7/25. You do not need to re-apply or send any docs unless requested by EDD.

PEUC 13-week extension

· PEUC 13-week extensions will be filed automatically for some Californians this week. Details on a previous update here

NOTE!! On this update here, EDD states that those in phase 1 should look on their online portal "within the week of May 27". Keyword "within"... which means, it's not all going to happen on May 27 :(

Waiting for debit card

· Your payment may have been loaded onto an existing card. If you don't have that card, B of A has new website features for requesting a new card & pin. https://prepaid.bankofamerica.com/EddCard

Why is my claim flagged?