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ID verification, Fraud, PUA, PEUC clarifications

Updated: Feb 10

When will I see changes to my account?

There has been no announcements or any information from EDD that things have been implemented. They are working on implementing the programs. The new stimulus (Continued Assistance Act) got signed so last minute and they have to compensate for that change. No one is seeing anything on their accounts.

Maximum benefits paid, what do I do?

This depends on what program you are on and if you are eligible to apply for a new claim.

Regular UI? If your claim year expired then you may be eligible for a new claim and should apply (for example, if you applied in December 2019, your claim year ends December 2020 and is expired). This is NOT THE CASE for most people since many applied March 2020, which means your claim will expire March 2021. Do not apply for a new claim - you will put yourself in an ID verification black hole. Claim year typically expires 1 year after you had applied.

PEUC? You need to wait for implementation. For PEUC claimants, I would recommend waiting unless you know you can qualify for more with a new claim AND your claim year is expired.

FED-ED? Wait for implementation to go back on PEUC after you finish FED-ED, unless you can qualify for a regular UI claim (made enough wages in 2020 and claim year expired).

PUA? You need to wait for implementation, unless you can qualify for a regular UI claim (made enough wages in 2020).

The only instance you should apply for a new claim is two things

  1. if you made enough wage to establish a new claim

  2. if your claim year has expired.

If you want to figure out whether or not you made enough wages in 2020 to establish a new claim, you can use the tools on our w