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Cancelling Claims

Updated: Feb 10

How long after cancelling can you apply?

  • You may only cancel your UI claim if your claim has not ended, a Notice of Determination has not been mailed, no benefits have been paid, and no overpayment has been established on the claim. If your claim is canceled, you can file a new UI claim with a later date. If you want to cancel your claim, contact the EDD IMMEDIATELY. You cannot cancel a claim after you have collected UI benefits and cannot file a new UI claim until your current claim ends. If you go back to work or are no longer in need of UI benefits for some period of time, simply stop certifying. You can reopen your claim in the future if benefits are still available and your claim has not ended.

  • Information located on page 6 of this EDD PDF.

I filed for UI, made a mistake. I refiled, should I refile a 3rd time?

  • You need to call them if you are making mistakes. Changes cannot be done online and refiling will not help your situation and can cause misinformation (which can potentially delay your claim). See THIS page for more information on refiling.

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