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7/23/2020 update here - EDD news release

  • $600 still ending

  • All programs you can qualify for for unemployment insurance

  • Info for parents with school closures

  • EDD has text messaging

  • Some PUA recomps are taking more time

7/16/2020 update here - EDD news release

  • $600 coming to an end - detailed explanation of what weeks qualify

  • FED-ED & PEUC common questions

  • List of best ways to find information from EDD

7/9/2020 update here - EDD news release

  • Planning on implementing an upload feature for identity verification

7/2/2020 update here - EDD news release

  • Details on PEUC phase 2

  • Retro-active certification

7/1/2020 update here - EDD news release

  • Details on FED-ED

6/25/2020 update here - EDD news release

  • Small talk of FED-ED

  • Common mistakes that delay payment

6/18/2020 update here - EDD news release

  • Guide for returning to work

6/11/2020 update here - EDD news release, basically on new features and common questions

5/27/2020 update here - direct from Julie Su's FB, on PEUC, PUA but mostly Penalty Weeks

5/21/2020 update here - EDD news release on phases for PEUC and PUA

5/14/2020 update here - EDD news release on phases for PEUC and PUA

5/13/2020 update here - Julie Su says more info will come

4/30/2020 update here - EDD news release PEUC update

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