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Alek J.
May 17, 2021
In Reapply / File a New Claim
On 4/11 i got a txt message saying: "EDD Alert: We filed a Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation extension on your unemployment claim. Check your UI Online account for updates. Type STOP to opt out, HELP for more info." On 4/12 was my last payment. I continued to certify normally, as my claim was not expired and it gave me the option as usual. I received no money since then. On 5/13 i got this message: "EDD Alert: Your unemployment claim has expired. Apply for a new claim now: Type STOP to opt out, HELP for more info." I filed another claim, but now it is another 3 weeks of waiting. What about all that money that i havent received? It ate quickly through all my savings and now im borrowing left and right just to get my basic bills paid. No money to eat. I dont know what to do. I have called CA EDD every single day many times each, and every time it says something like: "We are unable to take your call. Please try again later." Click. Thats after 15 minutes of automated message. None of the Employment offices seem to be open, none of the phone lines work. Even before they stopped paying completely, the 2 months prior they paid me for 3 weeks for each month instead of the 4 they had paid months prior. I started calling them at that time, months ago, and every time same answer. "TRY AGAIN LATER". I am at my wits end. Please, guys, if you have any advice or recommendations i am all ears. I live in San Jose, CA. Thank you for reading.

Alek J.

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