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PUA: EDD asking for 2019 proof of income

Updated: Feb 10

Yes, they are now checking and asking for proof of income of 2019.

Yes, it is based on net income. And yes, it was definitely noted in the application. This article, PUA: Guide to Applying, was written May 14 with screenshots from the application.

Yes, there were EDD people on the phones who told claimants that it was based on gross, which is now causing this headache for many PUA claimants to figure out how much they might owe.

But no, you are not alone in this. Many people are worried about having to pay back benefits which is understandable. It's not your fault you were misinformed - many asked EDD themselves and they had said gross over the phone.

This is going to be another fault of EDD that we will have to navigate through. This article is to help you understand how much you should have actually received as your weekly benefit amount.

I earned more than 17,368 last year -- what does that mean for me?

  • EDD will automatically increase your weekly benefit payments and you will have to prove your income for 2019

What is the maximum I need to earn to qualify for 450/week?

  • Your net income for 2019 needs to be more than 46,696

How does EDD calculate my benefit and how much am I supposed to be receiving?