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Phone Tips

Updated: Mar 13

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Tip from Facebook Threads:

  • Even though the website states that live people are only available to take calls between 8am and 12pm, people are only in the call center office between the hours of 12pm and 5pm. So do not start calling until after 12pm. This was information passed on to me by a live costumer service representative. She said she has no idea why the organization wouldn’t be more transparent about this.

1. (800) 300-5616

Open: 7 days a week, 8am - 8pm

Phone tree for

Hit 1 immediately for english (or 2 for Spanish)

1 - Need to file a claim / have an existing claim

2 - Employers

8 - Repeat menu

1 - File a new claim

2 - Existing Claim

3 - Overpayment

4 - 1099G

8 - Repeat

1 - File a new claim

2 - Existing claim

3 - EDD Account Number

4 - Issues with Unemployment Insurance Benefits