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6/11 News Release

Updated: Feb 10

News release here. Summary below:

EDD has a new text message service that will notify you

  • To monitor postal mail for notice about submitting identity documents to EDD

  • If identity has been verified

  • Time to certify for benefits

  • If they have automatically filed for PEUC 13-week extension

  • Text alerts are from 877-324-1224 (don't send sensitive information out to a number you don't know)

EDD expands mass hiring effort

  • 4,800 positions over the next several weeks

  • If you're interested, click here

Common reasons for "pending" status or "not paid"

  • Potential eligibility issue identified on initial application or certification

  • You checked that you are not able and available to work - you must always be able and available to work!!! Keep this in mind when you are certifying for your weeks! See article here. EDD guide offered here

  • Refused an offer of suitable work - if you answer yes to refusing work, EDD will need to review and ask for the reason why. They will contact the employer that offered the job and determine if refusal did not meet good cause provisions

  • You earned too much income during the week. To see how to calculate, click here

Common reasons initial application requires more time to process

  • Identity verification - you will receive a Notice of Award with $0 until identity can be verified, a Request for Identity Verification notice. Many have had inaccurate social security numbers