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Bank of America EDD card

Updated: Feb 10

Additional information on the debit card on EDD website here

When will I get my Bank of America debit card?

You will receive your BofA EDD pay card within 10 days of your first weeks PAID status. EDD does not send out paper checks anymore without making a special request

How long will funds appear on my debit card after I certify?

It typically does not take long -- one or two days, BUT! If you are certifying for MORE than the normal 2 weeks (say you have to certify for multiple weeks since your claim FINALLY went through) then you need to expect a little over a week for ALL of that to process.

Do I call Bank of America or EDD about my card?

  • If it directly related to your bank account, debit card, or transfers you need to call Bank of America. EDD can only help you with your claim specifically.


The debit card should be automatically issued after you are paid, but there is a way to check if it's actually been issued out. The day after your weeks show paid on the EDD website (first certification only) you can call 1-866-692-9374 and request what date the card was issued. This normally happens the same day of approval if early enough in the day.

How do I register online for the EDD debit card?

Once you receive your EDD card you will register your card either via the web or by the phone number on the care received.

  • To register online go to: https://prepaid.bankofamerica.com/eddcard/home/index

  • If you have never registered click Need User Name (This is located right under Remember Username, on the right hand side)

  • Create a user name

  • Create a Password - the password portion is super picky and does not like any name. I basically just picked random letters, numbers and special characters

  • Enter your three digit code on the back

  • Click Sign In

Is there a way to set up direct deposit?

No, but you can set up an automatic transfer into your personal account. Additional instructions on how to set up transfer here:

Once you have completed this you are able to view your balance, transfer your funds to your bank. When you are at the home page you have the option to pick the following, action you can use:

  • My Money

  • Balance & Transactions

  • Statements

  • Transfers

  • You are able to add in your checking or saving account number and initiate a transfer of your funds. Please note - IF you put in the incorrect checking or saving account it will be very hard for you to get your money back. It is recommended to make a small transfer amount and ensure the transfer goes into your account.

  • ATM Locator

  • Dispute Transactions

  • To file a dispute you need to call 1-855-355-5047 for more information

After you receive your EDD pay card you funds will automatically load the day after you certify. EX: If you certify on Sunday and your weeks change to paid before midnight, your funds should be available on Monday. This only happens if your weeks change from pending to paid. All pending line items will not be paid onto your card until they show paid.

If you have previously received unemployment or disability benefits from the EDD on a prepaid card, EDD will continue to send funds to that existing prepaid card account. If you are no longer in possession of that card, you will need to request a replacement card by accessing the Replace My Card feature on this website.

I have an old EDD debit card, will it go on that one or do I need a new card?

If you have a debit card from the last 3 years that has not expired, the money will go there. If you need a new card access the Replace My Card feature on their website.

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