our hardship fund

It all began with the simple desire to want to help others.

The mission of Unemployment Gurus will always be to help others. The ultimate goal is to be able to create a hardship fund for those who are struggling financially or having hardship due to the pandemic. 


Through our services, the Unemployment Gurus will be able to create a hardship fund to be awarded to those in financial need. Once we have a well developed program, we will make applications available. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates.

What is this hardship fund?

Our hardship fund is currently being developed. As we continue to provide our services, we will be contributing a portion of our revenue from our services into this fund. Once we have enough money to be able to give out, applications will be available.

I didn't pay for services, but absolutely would like to show my appreciation. Is there a way to do so?

Yes! Many people have asked for this, so we have created a page where you can send extra thanks.

What are the eligibility requirements for the hardship fund?

Eligibility requirements are to be determined. If you have experienced hardship, you may potentially qualify for this fund. Subscribe on the bottom to be updated with our newsletters. 

Why are you creating a hardship fund?

The owner of Unemployment Gurus initially sought out a non-profit to help her with a fundraising idea that she had. She felt really bad knowing that there were so many people still not receiving months of benefits all the way back from March. She came up with the idea around May when she had 40,000 members at the time and she knew if everyone were to donate a dollar, she could have $40,000 to give out to people in need. She started looking for a non-profit so the money fundraised would be tax-exempt.


She reached out to a few non-profits, but could not find one that could execute her idea. After creating this company, she saw the opportunity to fulfill her idea by taking a percentage of the company's revenue to be able to give to people in need. 

When can I apply to the hardship fund?

We currently do not have applications open. Unemployment Gurus is fairly new and we are building up our services and revenue to get this program going. The program is still being developed, but feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to be updated when applications will open.